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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug Testing

At Stat Diagnostics, we prioritize workplace safety with our comprehensive Drug Testing services. Our portfolio includes DOT, non-DOT, and rapid drug testing, designed not just for compliance, but for proactive prevention of drug-related workplace incidents, contributing to a more productive environment.

Physical Examinations

Our Physical Exams go beyond routine checkups, incorporating DOT physicals. Our detailed assessments are crucial for early detection of potential health issues, ensuring continuous workforce productivity and minimal health-related downtime.

Vision and Hearing Wellness

Maintaining sensory health is vital. Our Eye Vision Exams are extensive, safeguarding against the risks of impaired vision, while our Hearing Exams are tailored to protect against auditory challenges in high-noise work settings.

Respiratory Health

In environments where air quality is paramount, our Respiratory Fit Tests—both qualitative and quantitative—assure that employees' respiratory health is not compromised, allowing them to work comfortably and efficiently.

Commitment to a Healthy Workforce At the core of Stat Diagnostics' mission is a commitment to a robust, healthy, and safe work environment. Our TPA services encapsulate the essence of risk mitigation and enhanced productivity through preventive health measures.

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