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Fast and Reliable Drug Testing Services

At Stat Diagnostics VA, we understand the importance of quick and reliable drug testing. Whether you are an employer or an individual seeking testing services, we provide a comprehensive suite of drug and alcohol testing solutions designed to meet your needs.

Rapid Drug Testing

Our rapid drug testing services ensure quick and accurate results, allowing for immediate peace of mind or action. We understand that time is often of the essence, and our state-of-the-art testing methods are here to provide swift service without compromising on accuracy.

Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Testing

We offer both DOT and Non-DOT testing to comply with all federal regulations and personal requirements. Our tests are thorough, ensuring that all bases are covered, from initial screenings to confirmatory testing.

Specialized Hair Follicle Testing

For a deeper look into substance history, our hair follicle testing provides an extended detection window. This method is perfect for situations that require analysis of long-term substance use.

Breath & Alcohol Testing (BAT)

Safety is key, and our Breath & Alcohol Testing (BAT) services are here to support a safe and sober work environment. We use the latest technology to give you fast and accurate results.

Coming Soon: DLT Oral Drug Testing

Stay tuned for our upcoming Direct Lab Testing (DLT) oral drug testing services for an even more convenient testing option.

At Stat Diagnostics VA, your health and safety are our top priorities. Trust us to deliver the clarity and reliability you need with our comprehensive testing services.

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