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Consortium Services

Welcome to Stat Diagnostics – your trusted partner for comprehensive Consortium/Third Party Administrator (TPA) services. With both mobile and fixed facilities in Fredericksburg and Woodbridge, Virginia, and partnered access to 25,000 facilities nationwide, we extend our reach across America. Specializing in DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations, we manage your company's testing program, maintain records, schedule random tests, and more.


Partnered with globally recognized labs, we ensure 100% accurate sample processing. With years of experience, we offer trust and administrative compliance, letting you focus on the road. Our certified professionals, responsive customer service, and competitive pricing make Stat Diagnostics the perfect choice for your testing and compliance needs.


Driver Testing: Ensuring Road Safety and Health

Stat Diagnostics recognizes that the safety of our roads hinges on the health and alertness of truck drivers. Their comprehensive health evaluations go beyond basic fitness checks. They delve into ensuring drivers are in optimal health, capable of handling the physical and mental demands of long hours on the road. This meticulous approach to health screening is not just about meeting requirements; it’s about fostering a culture of safety and responsibility.


Audit Preparations: A Partner in Compliance

Audit season in the trucking industry is often a time of stress and scrambling. However, with Stat Diagnostics, companies find a reliable partner. Their services include meticulous maintenance and organization of all necessary records. When audit time arrives, trucking companies are not just prepared; they are confident. This level of preparedness transforms audit season from a challenge into an opportunity to showcase their commitment to compliance and safety.


Random Drug Testing: A Proactive Approach to Compliance

Stat Diagnostics employs a sophisticated tickler system, serving as an early warning system for compliance aspects such as license expirations and scheduled random drug tests. This proactive system ensures that trucking fleets stay ahead of regulations, avoiding costly slip-ups and maintaining a reputation for reliability and safety. The random drug testing program is a cornerstone in this, ensuring that drivers meet the stringent standards required for road safety.


Driver File Maintenance: Excellence in Record Keeping

The meticulousness of Stat Diagnostics extends to their driver file maintenance. Clients have the assurance of accessing well-organized, up-to-date driver files, where every detail is accounted for. This attention to detail in record-keeping not only meets but often exceeds compliance requirements, providing a solid foundation for operational excellence.

In conclusion, Stat Diagnostics’ Consortium Services for the trucking industry represent more than just a compliance tool; they are a comprehensive support system. By ensuring the health and readiness of drivers, maintaining impeccable records, and providing proactive tools for managing compliance, these services empower trucking companies to operate with confidence, efficiency, and a deep commitment to safety.

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