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DNA Testing and Family Relationships

Discovering family connections and verifying personal heritage through DNA testing is a powerful way to gain insights into your identity and familial ties. Our services offer accurate, confidential, and legally recognized testing for a variety of needs.

Court-Ordered Paternity Testing

For cases requiring legal documentation, our court-ordered paternity tests provide indisputable evidence of a father-child relationship, adhering to the strict chain of custody procedures required for court use.

Immigration DNA Testing

When immigration processes require biological proof of relationships, our immigration DNA testing services deliver certified results that are recognized by government agencies to support your family reunification cases.

Informational Paternity Testing

For those seeking peace of mind about paternity outside of legal contexts, our informational paternity testing offers a private and reliable way to determine a father-child relationship.

Maternity Testing for Immigration

Similar to paternity tests, our maternity tests provide the necessary evidence for confirming a biological mother-child relationship in immigration proceedings.


Understanding Your Origins and Future

Our DNA testing services extend beyond familial verification, offering insights into future family planning and strengthening family bonds.

Paternity Testing

Establishing paternity can be important for medical history, emotional bonding, and legal purposes. Our paternity testing services are designed to give you clear answers with the highest levels of accuracy and confidentiality.

Sibling Testing

Determine the biological relationship between siblings with our sibling testing services, whether for personal knowledge or legal purposes.

Early Gender Reveal Testing

Expectant parents can celebrate their upcoming arrival with our early gender reveal testing, offering a safe and non-invasive method to discover the gender of their baby earlier than traditional methods.

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