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Our Commitment to Trusted Pre-Employment Screening

In the world of employment, trust begins with a reliable screening process. Our suite of pre-employment services is designed to provide employers with the confidence needed to make informed hiring decisions.

Comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening Services



Capture and analyze detailed fingerprints with our state-of-the-art fingerprinting service, ensuring that all potential hires are thoroughly vetted.

Live Scan

Our Live Scan technology offers a quick and accurate means of capturing fingerprints digitally, streamlining the background check process with real-time data submission.

Background Screenings

Dive deep into the histories of your candidates with our exhaustive background screenings, tailored to uncover the full story behind every application.

I-9 Verification

Stay compliant with employment eligibility requirements through our meticulous I-9 verification process, affirming the legal work status of all new hires.

Reference Checks

Verify the professional histories of potential employees with our comprehensive reference checks, offering a clear view of past performances and behaviors.

Our dedication to your company’s safety and integrity is unwavering. We understand the importance of every hire, and our thorough screening processes are designed to ensure that your new employees are qualified, reliable, and well-vetted. For more details about our Pre-Employment Screening services, we invite you to explore further by clicking the 'Read More' button below.

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