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Precision in Clinical Testing: Our Suite of CLIA Waived Services

Our commitment to excellence in healthcare is reflected in our range of CLIA Waived Testing services. These tests are specially designed for accuracy and simplicity, delivering reliable results for both clinical and workplace settings.

Ensuring Quality and Accuracy in Every Test


A fundamental tool for health assessment, our urinalysis service provides comprehensive insights into a patient's metabolic and renal health, aiding in early diagnosis and prevention strategies.

Influenza A/B Testing

Stay ahead of flu season with our rapid Influenza A/B tests. Quick and accurate, these tests are essential for timely treatment and reducing the spread of influenza.

COVID-19 Testing

In response to the ongoing need for vigilant health monitoring, we offer COVID-19 testing with fast results, ensuring safety and peace of mind for individuals and organizations alike.

Rapid Strep Testing

Our Rapid Strep Testing facilitates the swift diagnosis of strep throat, allowing for prompt treatment and minimizing discomfort and complications.

Glucose and HDL Cholesterol Testing

Manage and monitor diabetes and cardiovascular health with our Glucose and HDL Cholesterol Testing, vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our array of CLIA Waived Testing services is comprehensive and ever-expanding. We are dedicated to providing the tests you need with the assurance of quality you expect. To discover more about how our testing services can support your health management, please proceed to the 'Read More' section.

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